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Re: Configuration file update behaviour change options

Bruce Perens writes ("Re: Configuration file update behaviour change options "):
> Regarding the dpkg post-processing tool and options to dpkg to prevent it
> from  installing the manual, info, etc., if the user desired, isn't this
> something that is better handled by the system administrator using the shell
> after the package installation has been completed?

I think that for things like manual installation, &c, it would be
reasonable for dpkg to lend a helping hand - it would be ridiculously
easy to do.  I'll probably implement it sometime just for light relief

However, in general it seems to me that perhaps the best thing for the
`hook' idea would be for the sysadmin to run a wrapper around dpkg,
which would do the things they wanted.  It could use dpkg --list or
--status to find out what it needed to know.


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