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Re: X configuration

Raul Miller writes:
>Doug DeJulio <ddj+@pitt.edu>:
>   This is true everywhere.  There's no Linux distribution I've ever
>   heard of that improves on this.  It'd be nice if it were configured
>   to use the functional but pathetic 16-color plain-VGA X server out
>   of the box.  Anything more than that *has* to be complicated
>   though, because the OS doesn't have access to the BIOS, so it
>   always has to diddle the video hardware directly.
>This seems like a reasonable concept -- any way we could work such an
>option into our current offering?

Doug obviously hasn't tried out many distributions...  Yggdrasil has
done this for at *least* a year and a half, perhaps more.  Red Hat
also gives this option.  So do a few of the smaller ones.  I haven't
tried TAMU, but I heard that it also had this option.  I think that
SoftCraft also does the same thing, although I haven't tried installing
their distribution.

It's certainly possible to do.  But I'm not volunteering.


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