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X configuration

Excerpted from another mailing list:
Joe Gaudreau <joeg@bronze.lcs.mit.edu> (quoting a review):
   >   Cons: Configuring the X Windows interface is a real pain, and
   > shouldn't be half as hard as it is.

Doug DeJulio <ddj+@pitt.edu>:
   This is true everywhere.  There's no Linux distribution I've ever
   heard of that improves on this.  It'd be nice if it were configured
   to use the functional but pathetic 16-color plain-VGA X server out
   of the box.  Anything more than that *has* to be complicated
   though, because the OS doesn't have access to the BIOS, so it
   always has to diddle the video hardware directly.

This seems like a reasonable concept -- any way we could work such an
option into our current offering?


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