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Uploads to Incoming

I've been pulling my hair this morning as I have been trying to move
everything from Incoming into the public area.  Please, everyone, to
make my life easier, when you upload a package...

* Make an announcement to debian-user@pixar.com with a brief
description of the package and its changes since the last revision,
and output of `ls -l' and `md5sum' for each file you are uploading.

* Upload to the machine ftp.debian.org and the directory
/debian/private/project/Incoming.  (Parts of a package I found this
morning were uploaded to three different areas of ftp.debian.org--it
shouldn't be possible, Matt, for people to upload to the public area!)

* Upload a package with a proper name and version number.
(<name>-<original version>-<package revision>).  For example,
emacs-19.29-1 or gcc-2.6.3-2.

* Upload a .deb package, a .diff.gz file, and a .tar.gz file.  The
.diff.gz can be omitted if and only if the package was constructed
or written for the distribution!  DO NOT UPLOAD A PACKAGE WITHOUT
A .diff.gz OR A .tar.gz FILE!!!

* Include a /usr/doc/copyright/<package> file!  If this file in not
included, I will not move the package out of Incoming.  Even packages
to be included in non-free must have this file, because the copyright
of the package must grant us permission to distribute it at all, even
via FTP.

* Check to make sure your uploaded succeeded, please!  This saves me
from having to mail you when I discover it didn't.

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