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Bug#1248: itimer compiled for emacs 19.29

Package: itimer
Version: 1.00-1

Erick Branderhorst writes:
>After installing itimer, every time I start emacs it complains that
>itimer is compiled for emacs 19.29. shouldn't a dependency for
>this emacs version be added or no compiled version included in the
>deb file?

I'll try to reproduce this tonight at home (emacs 19.29 at work, 19.28
at home).  Since vm (which I compiled under 19.28) works, it may turn
out to be sufficient to just recompile it under 19.28.

I guess I'd better keep 19.28 around for a while.

If you want a solution immediately, download the source package and
compile the .el file yourself.


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