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Re: Bug#1243: fdisk not on root partition

Lars Wirzenius writes ("Bug#1243: fdisk not on root partition"):
> Package: unknown
> Version: unknown
> I don't have access to Debian packages at the moment, but I assume this
> is in one of the base packages.

For future reference, dpkg can tell you where a package is and what
version of that package is installed:

chiark:~> dpkg --search fdisk
miscutils: /usr/man/man8/fdisk.8
miscutils: /usr/sbin/cfdisk
miscutils: /usr/man/man8/cfdisk.8
miscutils: /usr/sbin/fdisk
chiark:~> dpkg --status miscutils
Package: miscutils
Status: install ok installed
Class: base
Section: base
Maintainer: Ian Murdock <imurdock@debian.org>
Version: 1.3
Revision: 1
 /etc/fdprm 7213ed72fc15d0184b428cb34df34d2d
 /etc/securetty b2786c62a3aa9a21df2f3e4eb9e42ecd
Description: Miscellaneous utilities.


So, fdisk on my system is from miscutils 1.3-1, which has it in

(The --search feature is only available in the new C version of dpkg.
If your version of dpkg is or earlier you need to upgrade to
use them.)


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