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Re: AAARGH ! I hate ScumOS and bad postmasters.

I wrote, from my `net-connected' account:
> I've gone over quota again.  ScumOS4 `cat' has lost 4 debian-bugs
> messages.
> Now, I think they're all mine.  I shall check the messages I sent
> against the acks I got when I get back home.

I have now done so.  These four messages were indeed mine, I think -
or rather, four of my bug reports have vanished.  I have resent them.

However, later I reported yet another lost bug mail:
> I hope this will be the last one.  [...]

I think I have solved the problem now.  Any further problems with my
quota will cause the messages to be put in my personal mailbox and
dealt with eventually.

However, that message is still lost and it doesn't seem to have been
one of mine.

Bruce: you don't need to investigate the four log entries from my last
message, but we do need to find out where the one logged below came
from as well as the three from Monday.


> 08/10/95 16:11:35: [m0sgZGd-000BziC] received
> |            from: nobody@pixar.com
> |            host: mongo.pixar.com []
> |        protocol: smtp
> |         program: sendmail
> |         orig-id: <m0sgZBP-000DlVC@mongo.pixar.com>
> |            size: 1619 bytes
> 08/10/95 16:11:38: [m0sgZGd-000BziC] delivered
> |              to: /home/iwj10/public/SunOS4/bin/procmail -p /home/iwj10/.procma
> ilrc
> |         orig-to: <iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk>
> |        director: dotforward
> |       transport: pipe
> 08/10/95 16:11:38: [m0sgZGd-000BziC] Completed.

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