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Re: AAARGH ! I hate ScumOS and bad postmasters.

David Brinks writes ("Re: AAARGH ! I hate ScumOS and bad postmasters."):
>   Looks like I've got a copy of 'cat' binary that Matt rebuilt around 
> June for our lab upgrade to SunOS 4.1.4.  If you want it I can put it in 
> your account on Debian and you can ftp it out from there.  Currently as 
> Matt stated in his message to the list incoming ftp's have misteriously 
> caught a SIG virus..:) and I have not been able to figure it out as of 
> yet.:(  Let me know if you want 'cat'.

I've written my own program to do what I wanted, and installed it.
>From now on if it can't write the output file I should get the message
forwarded to my own personal mailbox, rather than losing it.

You can forget about `cat', thanks for the offer.


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