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Bug#1219: 0.93R6 pre-release base installation report

Package: (base)
Version: 0.93R6 pre-release, downloaded 8th August from src.doc.ic.ac.uk

* When I ask it to set the keytable to `uk.map' I see:
 setting the keytable to `uk.map' ... sed: can't read
 /root/etc/init.d/console: No such file or directory

* There is no provision for machines which do not have an FQDN.  IMO
if you just hit <return> at that prompt you should just get the bare
hostname.  As it is you get your hostname with a full stop appended
(which broke the Smail configuration process).

* The list of network cards still scrolls.

* Because of the problem I had with the default kernel (in another
message) I had to use a kernel of my own which isn't modularised.  I
used my rescue floppy set to fix the /etc/init.d/console problem
(bug#1181) and empty /etc/modules, but I still got a bunch of warning
messages about dependencies.

* The base disks have the old version of dpkg (  They
should definitely have at least 0.93.69.  0.93.70 (which hasn't been
released yet) would be better.

* The base disks have the old `hd' access methods in /var/lib/dpkg.
I had to remove them manually before I could use the methods from dpkg
0.93.69 (which are broken-ish).

* The base disks have an old version of `ed' which claims to be
version `=V-=D'.  This is bad because it doesn't get fixed
automatically - dpkg things that it's a downgrade.

See my other message for problems with the distribution kernel - these
problems occur with the kernel on the boot disk created by the base
system as well as with the distribution boot disk.  I assume it's the
same kernel.


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