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Bug#1215: texlib build ignoring errors

On Wed, 9 Aug 1995, J.H.M.Dassen wrote:

> Package: texlib
> Version: 1.0-3
> While building texlib, I noticed that some errors were ignored,
> possibly resulting in an incorrect Debian package:
> 	Running MakeTeXPK cmbsy10
> 	/var/spool/texmf/fonts/tfm/cmbsy10.tfm already exists!
> 	cp /var/spool/texmf/fonts/tfm/cmbsy10.tfm .
This is ok. It means cmbsy10.tfm has already been built on your system,
no need to rebuild it. So MakeTeXPK's error needs to be ignored.

> [...]
> The following error is explicitly ignored, and therefore probably not
> a bug:
> 	MakeTeXTFM cmbsy5
> 	Running MakeTeXPK cmbsy5
> 	mf \mode:=nullmode; mag:=1; scrollmode; input cmbsy5 \</dev/null
> 	This is METAFONT, Version 2.71 (C version 6.1)
> 	kpathsea: Running MakeTeXMF cmbsy5.mf
> 	I don't know how to generate cmbsy5.mf!
Means cmbsy5.mf is not on your system. Strange. It has been included in
mfbasfnt lately. Maybe I didn't upload that version? This IS a bug.
> Here are two bugs at once: no TEXROOT is passed from debian.rules to Makefile,
This is the wrong variable due to change in my Makefiles. Corrected now.


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