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The ftp server is getting ready for some hardware upgrades here in the 
near future and thus the folowing problem will be looked at different 
levels of severity.
. We have run into a problem that FTPD is dying on SIGNAL 6.
We have not changed anything on the system that would cause this. If 
anyone has a clue as to why this is happening let me know.

If the machine does not come bacvk after a system rebuild tommorow 
morning (THUR AUG 10) then it will be powered down until I can return on 
Sunday and make some sort of fix to get it up and running again.
If it comes back online tommorow I hope to do some hardware upgrades on 
or about a week from tommorow..

Thanks for your cooperation...
Matthew S. Bailey..

Please mail mbailey@gnu.ai.mit.edu with any direct mail so that some one 
can forward it on to me via phone or other method. Since I am taking a 
break from computer consoles for hopefully a week...

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