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Re: Conflict/dependency granularity

rdr@tad.micro.umn.edu said:
> One big problem with color ls is that it inserts strange characters 
> into the output stream that could confuse various programs.

Isn't this what isatty(3) is for? If GNU Emacs is using a pseudo-tty, it
had better be ready for terminal control sequences.

> Given that constraint, I don't think it's a good idea to overload the 
> name 'ls' for this purpose. Some other name (e.g. 'dir')...

How about "lsd"? :-)

I don't like "fileutils" because it's a large package that installs a number
of unrelated programs. I'd like to split it up when I get a chance.

In the case of things like this that stir up an unbelievable amount of
religeous fervor but are not of themselves tremendously important, we can
try to satisfy everyone. I could have the fileutils package install both
versions of "ls" and let the installer determine which one they want to be
called "ls". I could provide alternate names to access the color and plain 
versions, so that scripts and users can have a guaranteed path to the "ls"
they want. This would cost us about 20k.


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