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Re: Conflict/dependency granularity

> Disagree. Personally think it 'color ls' is a very useful program, both on
> the console and under X11.

There's no accounting for taste ;-).  (I'm just used to 'ls -F' for
filetype info in an ls listing, and find the colors distracting rather
than informative).

> My executable lives happily in /usr/local/bin as my local config live
> happily in /usr/local/etc.

Just out of curiosity, does the SlackWare binary come set up to look in
/usr/local/etc, or did you rebuild from source?  (it's not germain
to the point in any case -- this was just an example, and the point
went to the general case rather than the specific example).

> Guess the main point is that there is a continuum from 'uninitiated user' to
> 'sophisticated sys.admin.'. We can aim at mostly error-free Debian set-up for
> users as 'dumb' as we want, but the 'dumber' we assume they are the harder our
> job gets. Gotta draw a line somewhere.

Yep.  And we should make a considered decision about where we're going
to draw the line, rather than just letting the line appear wherever it
might show up.

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