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Bug#1202: xbase bug?? ld bug?

> /usr/X11R6/lib is not supposed to be searched by ld by default.  What
> are you trying to compile?  If it has an Imakefile, just run xmkmf and
> everything will be setup correctly for make.  This is the normal way
> of configuring and building X packages.

Ugh, that is horrible.  It is not a matter of me not being able to
figure out how to compile things, I know how to add the -L switch, but
it is a matter of convenience for people.  I'm also sure that some
people will get bitten by this if they try and compile a program
without Imake (XV 3.10a suggest not using imake).  On our sun we can
set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to specify the libraries dirs to search, but that
doesn't seem to work.  And I can't find any similar option in the man
pages or info files.  Is there something I can do to override this
default behaviour?


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