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Re: conf-file recovery after manual removal of a package

Bruce Perens writes ("conf-file recovery after manual removal of a package"):
> This is a user-friendliness issue: Say I manually remove a package's
> conf-files, for some ill-considered reason. I then try to recover by
> re-installing the package. Dpkg sees that I have removed the conf
> files, sees that the package maintainer has not edited them since my
> last install, and silently doesn't install them. The package doesn't
> work.
> Perhaps it should not be silent about this case?

Yes, I think you're right.  How about if I have it print

 Package's version of `/etc/init.d/halt' has not changed, skipping.

every time it decides, without prompting, not to install a conffile
that the user has edited ?

(If neither the user nor the package maintainer has changed the file
there is little point printing a message.)


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