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Re: Bug#1191: xdvi bugs

   Date: Tue, 01 Aug 1995 17:13:40 -0400
   From: "James A. Robinson" <jimr@simons-rock.edu>

   Xdvi seems to wipe out the /usr/lib/X11 link when it installs it's
   app-default information.  Is this perhaps a tar bug?

It looks like this package is installing files to /usr/lib/X11.  This
is a bug--the package should be installing them to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11,
if it is an X11R6 package.

Another rule for X Window System packages, in addition to what I
posted yesterday:

* Packages should install all files to /usr/X11R<n>/, where <n> is the
release number of X11 (such as 6).  It should not install files to the
locations /usr/bin/X11, /usr/include/X11, or /usr/lib/X11.



Are there any more packages that do this?

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