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Re: ARGHHH!!!!

> installed but no problem. I suspected the kernel, since we had to
> rebuild that to support the bus mouse on the other machine.
> Somehow related to user-name lookups I think, since both Tar and ls-l
> try to find the name by looking up the uid. A few other programs I
> have do the same thing.
> Please let me know if you solve this problem.

Well, I ended up reinstalling the system, and the problem went
away. :( It may have been the kernel, but I tried both the 1.2.1 and
1.2.11 kernels.  The first thing I had though of was the rpc.*
daemons, I checked that they were all running, and they were.  I then
stopped them, but the problem didn't go away then either.

It might have had something to do with an interrupt problem I had
between my Soundcard and my Ethernet card, but I don't know how it

Of course with Debian, it only takes 1 hour to completely install and
customize everything. :)


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