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Re: new X11R6 packages

> * The XpmR6, Xpm_compR6 and Xpm_develR6 packages have been merged into
> a single package called "xpm".  "xpm" will provide "xpmR6", but
> all new packages needing XPM should depend on "xpm", not "xpmR6".
> (They should also depend on "X11R6"--see above.)

I thought depending on xpm would automagically resolve to depending on
a virtual package of X.

> * A week or so ago, someone made the suggestion that we separate the
> X11R6 shared libraries from the xbase package.  This would allow us,
> perhaps, to remove the -nox and -x versions of packages and replace
> them with a single version of the package which is linked to these
> shared libraries (and which depends on the package containing them).

It would be very nice to get rid of the x, no-x duplication.


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