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Bug#1188: dpkg bug???

James A. Robinson writes ("Bug#1188: dpkg bug???"):
> [...]
> Notice the problem with removel of LaTeX.  It says ngtclass and
> ltxpckg depend on latex, but I've specified in the same line that I
> want those packages removed.  The same problem occurs with metafont
> and tex. Then I get an odd error message concerning an I/O trap! I'm
> not sure what that is, I hope it isn't bad. :)

The I/O Trap is actually an assertion failure, which you see just

You typed `ntgclass' on the command line, but the package is actually
`ngtclass' (note the order of G and T).  However, it shouldn't have
said anything about ltxpckg - that is a bug.

There is another bug, which isn't clear to me at the moment, which
caused the assertion failure (which is not harmful in this case).

Could you please send me a copy of the `/var/lib/dpkg/status' file
*before* you attempted this removal ?  Failing that, the backup file
from the previous night will do, if you can remember what you did to
the system since then.

Also, dpkg should have produced a coredump (you did enable coredumps
like it said in the release notes, didn't you ?) - could you mail it
to me please, gzipped and uuencoded.  (If you use use Pine don't use
its `attach file' feature.)


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