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Bug#1189: syslogd message is alarming-looking

Package: syslogd
Version: 1.2-10

At boot-time, I see:

 If syslogd exits with this message
   syslogd: syslog/udp: unknown service, suspending inet
 it is normal--it just means that network support for syslog is disabled.
 If you want network support, remove the comment from the `syslog' entry
 in the file `/etc/services'.

Instead of this rather confusing message the message `syslogd:
syslog/udp: unknown service, suspending inet' should be changed to be
more informative.  How about
 syslogd: network logging disabled (syslog/udp service not known),
   see syslogd(8) for details of whether and how to enable it.
with an appropriate paragraph in the manpage ?


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