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Bug#1184: kermit blurb in postinst inappropriate

Package: kermit
Version: 190-4

I see the message below.  I think this is inappropriate.  If it is a
legal requirement we should say so, so that people know we don't do it
by choice.


Setting up kermit ...

C-Kermit 5A is documented in the book "Using C-Kermit" by Frank da Cruz
and Christine M. Gianone, Digital Press, Burlington, MA, USA.  Digital
Press ISBN: 1-55558-108-0; Prentice-Hall ISBN: 0-13-037490-3.  Price: US
$34.95.  In USA, call DECdirect at 1-800-344-4825, refer to order number
EY-J896E-DP.  See the files in /usr/doc/kermit for more information.

The complete Kermit distribution for multiple platforms is available
by ftp from kermit.columbia.edu.

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