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Re: Suggestions for http://www.debian.org/ home page

David H. Silber writes ("Re: Suggestions for http://www.debian.org/ home page"):
> 1)  I agree that something more Linux-y than GNU-y would be appropriate.
>     Perhaps, since ``Debian GNU/Linux'' is both, (Linux & GNU) we could
>     put two small images near the top.  One being this baby GNU and one
>     being the Linux logo (I believe there is one).

How about using the seagull used on the LDP home page side-by-side
with the baby GNU or some such ?  (I don't like the baby GNU, but most
people seem to disagree with me.)

We should reduce each of them so that they don't take up more than
perhaps the top quarter or third of a usually-sized window.


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