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Bug#1169: Dpkg "bugs"

Package: dpkg
Version: 0.93.63

Well, I did a complete install of my system using the new dpkg, and
was extermely impressed.  It worked very smoothly.  Of course, I'm
wondering when I won't have to type "--auto --no-also-select
--install" at the command line.  Is it going to be packaged with
Carl's HD meathod soon?

On to the bugs.  I only found two: I install packages using the above
flags from the root of a directory tree containing the deb files.  So
I used "./" as an argument.

Many times dpkg would say "installing foo (using .../foo.deb)" instead
of "installing foo (using ./foobase/foo.deb)" as one would expect.

It claimed to fail to configure tclX, saying it was not ready to
configure it, when in reality a dpkg -s tclX said it was completely
installed.  I had also specfied tcl and tk, and it installed those, so
I'm not sure if it was getting a dependency error or what...


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