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debian logo

Hello fellow debians (male/female), 

note{how many female debians are there actually?}

I noticed a discussion about a logo for debian. Why not, everybody has
a logo so why shouldn't we have one? I agree on a logo, but I think
that we/you (whoever is reading this) shouldn't forget that a logo is
the thing people remember and it is influencing the opinion people
have about a specific product, program, operating system, utility or

What can happen in the real world, filled with people who dislike
unix, windows, warp, m$-dog, linux and probably debian too, they will
judge on logos, dirty noises, chrashing systems, nifty tools, nifty
sounds, flying windows and all those little seemly unimportant things.
What I'm trying to state here is that a baby might be remembered as
something fresh (+), uneducated (-), still growing (+/-) etc. People
might get the wrong opion/idea on the system they are looking at.

Perhaps it would be good to reconsider this logo thing and try to find
something "suitable". I (subjective) was thinking of something more
symbolic as a picture logo and also a kind of text logo. What we are
dealing with at this moment is "The perfect combination of gnu-stuff
and linux-stuff". Perhaps this combinatory thing could be expressed in
a text logo by combining "gnu text" and "linux text" in TeX/LaTeX way
or something similar. The picture logo could be something expressing a
comparable kind of thing like a crystal, yin-yang, escher kind of
drawing, neural networks picture, etc. A lot of other possibility's
exist, it is simply a question of chosing one.

I might be wrong but I thought it might be nice to think about this a
little more. Sorry I don't like that baby so much.

Erick Branderhorst

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