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Re: symlinked config files and alternate/alternative

Richard Kettlewell writes ("symlinked config files and alternate/alternative"):
> [...]
> What I've been doing to update emacs site-start files is this sort of
> thing:-
> 	[create new site-start] >[some temporary file]
> 	cat [some temporary file] >site-start.el
> 	rm [some temporary file]
> This works no matter how hairy the symlink nature of site-start.el,
> since the effect of > on an existing file is to open it then truncate
> it rather than throw it away and create it anew.

Indeed.  However, it will mangle the file if you run out of disk
during the upgrade - this is rather a disadvantage.

You can get around this particular problem by keeping a backup copy
and hoping to be able to put the backup back if the new version
doesn't work, but this fails if the disk gets fuller during the
process, or if the write was interrupted by a signal or something.


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