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Re: dpkg and Release 6

Ian Murdock writes ("dpkg and Release 6"):
> I've been very impressed by dpkg 0.6x, and I would like to consider
> including it in Release 6.  Ian J., what would you think about this?

Glad you like it.

I'm planning to move it to BETA in about a week, if no more serious
problems emerge.

Before then I want to do a couple of test installations and let it
loose on a major upgrade of my own production system.  (Don't try this
at home, folks ...)

If all goes well, or reasonably so, I'll call it BETA suitable for
general use by the weekend after next, say.  Then, at last, I can mark
all those long-outstanding bugs as done.

How many people have been using the new dpkg, and what have your
experiences been, in general - especially with 0.93.62 and later ?
Have any of you let it attack your production system ?

Replies by personal email, please - no need to clog up the list.


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