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Re: Bug reporting script

On Thu, 27 Jul 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > Something for version 0.2.  Can I make the repair package have a depend
> > line for a dpkg beyond a certain version?  (In fact the version I don't
> > think the version 0.1 I recently uploaded has the right dependencies at
> > all.)
> Yes, you can say
>  Depends: dpkg (>0.93.50)
> which will DTRT.  However, I'm wondering if it would save on
> package-proliferation if the repair script were made part of dpkg, at
> least after it had stabilised a bit.

Suppose we get them to work well first.  Certainly, these .bug scripts
I've invented are a strong argument for repair being a part of dpkg. (Were
you thinking of having it as 'dpkg --repair' or a separate executable as
part of the same source/binary package?)


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