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An aside, not very important.

I don't want to distract anybody from the real work of Debian,
but if anybody is at all interested I have been working on an
aside set of programs for Debian.

I am fairly new to programming, and have been attempting my first real
set of C programs.  Because of the great flame-war over shadow
password utilities, we have lost useradd, userdel, and usermod.  I
have started trying to write some ones to replace these.  If anybody
wants to help out, the .01 alpha of useradd is on


If anybody has spare time to take a looksee and perhaps add functions
(the expiration stuff and a *real* -m flag for instance) or otherwise
improve the code, I would welcome any help.

Please respond via direct email, not cc'ing debian-devel unless you
think it is *really* important.

Jim Robinson

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