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Re: Another minor security query...

> Ian Jackson writes:
> > I understand Daniel Quinlan is putting together the Emacs package
> > for Debian - I'd be happy to help him.  Alternatively I can provide
> > the binary I'm using as a stopgap, and the source it was compiled
> > from (though I don't remember the compiler options any more).  It's
> > linked against libc.so.4.2.
> You are using Emacs version 18, aren't you?  I'm not even sure that
> the two are compatible.  I'll check later to see if `movemail' can
> handle being sgid root.mail and 2755 /var/spool/mail.

Yes, I am using Emacs 18.  However, I've just tested my Emacs 19
installation and it works fine with the same movemail (ie, the one I
use with Emacs 18, not the one that came with the Linux binary
distribution of Emacs 19.19).


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