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Re: Who is the keeper of the list

David wrote this:
>OK, who is in charge of keeping track of who is working on what package?
[some easily confused material deleted]
>                               David H. Silber
>                               dhs@firefly.com

It is no longer Mike L. Dickey.  He is no longer the maintainer of the
Holy List.  The Holy List is in the most capable hands of Jim Robinson
and Daniel Quinlan.  And you will be relieved of the new format.  It is
more complete, and more practical than that silly list generated by me.

Seriously.  Those who are willing to do some work should contact Jim
Robinson.  Those who have questions about the list should contact Jim
Robinson.  Those who would like to donate money should contact Ian.

Mike D.
mdickey@thorplus.lib.purdue.edu        Use Debian Linux

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