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I'm wiling to take on more packages, except that I don't have a good base
system to work on.
I would like to see that Debian FTP site come online, with the current .92beta,
whatever source code was used for it, and the various documentation detailing
where files should go and how to build packages.
I can then set up my system with Debian as it is, instead of working on the out
of date basis of 0.91.
Then I would be able to examine the current UUCP package (which I was assigned)
and see if anything needs to be changed/updated. This should be trivial, as
UUCP isn't exactly drastically evolving.
A package that I would be interested in maintaining is quota/accounting. As
this is kinda kernel orientated, then PPP would be involved too. Perhaps
Matthew Bailey could keep track of the daemon and patches, and send me just the
patches I have to apply?
So, subject to agreement from other developers, I'm willing to be responsible
for UUCP, quota/acct, and kernel.
<begin personal opinion>
If Daniel Quinlan has the time, I think he would make the ideal project
If Ian still has the time, interest, or inclination, I would still like him to
be the guiding light of Debian. Either way, he should still receive the lion's
share of the credit. (could it be any other way?!)
And Ian, thank you for your work so far. It is wise of you to prepare for your
honeymoon ahead of time. You'll need all your stamina. :)

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