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Re: Debian bootdisk issues

On Tue, 29 Mar 1994 imurdock@gnu.ai.mit.edu wrote:
> Is it worth going back to boot/root disks for 0.92 to accommodate this
> (and to allow a few other programs to be included on the bootdisk,
> such as vi)?  It seems to be the only way...

Please, please use two installation disks. I can't stress this enough.
Last night I had a brush with death: I nuked my partition table. Using
a two-disk boot/root combo that I had laying around, I was able to 
rebuild the partition table, check the filesystems, reinstall LILO,
and get everything back to normal, no trouble at all. A braindamaged
single-disk boot/root would not allow me to do these things. It's
very nice to have the installation disks double as maintenance disks.

Charlie Brady writes:
> One way, perhaps, to handle that dilemna is to require a swap partition, 
> and to do the base install, even if it is three or four floppies, onto 
> what will later become the swap partition, and do the luxury install from 
> there. 

That seems overly complex. A simpler solution may be to allow the root
filesystem to be loaded into a RAMdisk *after* the user had a chance to
boot from floppy, run fdisk, and create a swap partition.


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