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Re: Backup Program

> I intend to create a backup facility for Debian systems.  The advantage of
> this set of programs will be that it will take advantage of your existing
> Debian distribution set and avoid storing that information.  It will back
> up all files which have been modified since the package they are part of
> was installed and any files which are not from an installed Debian package.
> Full system restoration will require that the user install the Debian base
> package and restore.deb (which will have the restore program and custom
> data to describe your system).  The restore program will automatically
> re-install all Debian packages that were on the system, all modified
> configuration files and all user files.
> Someone please STOP ME NOW if this has been done or is in progress.
> P.S.  Mike D. please add this to the Debian Contributors list.
> 				Thanks,
> 				David H. Silber
> 				dhs@firefly.com

I think this is a good example of an "incremental" backup.  Would
your facility also include other methods?  (ie. full-system and
'image' backups.)  Often it's nice to have just one tape to throw
in the drive and be done w/ it.  


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