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lex and yacc

Before I can use Linux [or, indeed, debian] more than a few minutes
here and there, I need to get apl character support for my system.  In
bringing up this support, I've been using lex and yacc to deal with
some initialization files.  Because of time constraints, I've been
doing some of my programming on my school account [a Solaris machine].

Here's what I'm using for lex and yacc under Linux:

-------------------- yacc --------------------
bison -y $*

-------------------- lex ---------------------
flex -l $*

The yacc implementation was suggested by the yacc man page.  The lex
implementation follows from the lex man page.

I vaugely remember seeing a proposal that the make should be modified
to use bison and flex.  For what it's worth, I think the above shell
scripts would provide more backwards compatibility.

Probably they should be accompanied by very short manual pages that
include the shell script and point to the proper man pages.

Raul D. Miller

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