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Personal packages for KDE-3.2 PowerPC... KDE-i18n added.

Hello all,

The mirrors have just been noticed so please let them update before trying to 

I have just uploaded the KDE-i18n packages.
As they are valid for ALL architectures... anyone may use it independenly of 
the architecture of the Debian system used... ;-)

More info at:

By the way... i have read a message for the official KDE-Debian packager 
saying that is uploading packages to the pool... so in no much time we will 
be able to download his packages from Debian's servers :-)''


Un saludo,
	Jaime Robles - http://jaime.robles.nu
	Coordinador KDE-es - KDE Spanish Translation Team
	http://www.kde.org/es  - http://es.i18n.kde.org

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