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Re: (forw) debian tshirt

On Sun, Jun 08, 2003 at 10:58:31AM +0200, Jesus Climent wrote:
> I have repeatedly send mails to the persons I know/think they can provide it,
> but I have no more success than you.

I have not answered but, then again, I have looked for the eps files 
without success. However, I thought that the person who made them was on 
CC and now I see he is not (see below)

> I believe the quickest way would be to get a new .eps file done for the new
> tshirts, since it seems the person who did the design some time ago is not
> responding mails anymore, or at least at the moment.

The person who did the design some time ago was not on 
debian-devel-spanish, since it was coordinated at debian-user-spanish. He 
sent me the t-shirts that did not get sold at the time and I do have some 
at home. Would a scanned t-shirt be useful? I will try to provide you with 
some grpahics this afternoon.

The person who organised the t-shirts was Sergio Valdivielso Gomez, I don't 
see him in CC (<svaldivielso@laspalmasgc.es>). You will find the relevant 
mails (in spanish) at the debian-user-spanish mailing list, such as:


I will send him a private mail to see if he can provide the .eps files. He 
is the only one that has them.



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