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looking for a debian consultant in Madrid and Barcelona

(this is the full extent of my Spanish language skills, sorry)

I am in charge of IT for a large french real-estate company that has
offices in Madrid and Barcelona. Our objective is to integrate these
offices into the company's global VPN using Debian gateways with

The Debian gateways have been installed and mostly configured in Madrid
and Barcelona by myself except for one crucial detail: our Infonegocio
ADSL (over ISDN) connections come with a Nokia M1112 router that keeps
the public IP to itself and NATs the internal private IPs. We need the
Debian gateway machine to have that public IP in order to connect to the

During my short stay in Madrid and Barcelona I haven't had time to
explore the router's full capabilities but it seems that it supports a
"transparent bridge" mode that simply forward PPPoE or PPPoA frames
intact instead of acting as a router.

What I'd like is to find a consultant in both cities that:

- knows how to configure the M1112 in order to have our Debian machine
  act as the gateway with the public IP,

- knows Debian (sid) very well,

- or has suggestions towards an alternative solution: get a plain ADSL
  modem or PCI card instead of the M1112, 

Please contact me by private e-mail if you are interested by this

Gracias in advance for your consideration,



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