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Bug#169653: tetex-bin: xdvi not support option -sourceposition correctly

Package: tetex-bin
Version: 1.0.7+20011202-8
Severity: important


This is my first bug report. If there is any mistake in it, please, make me know.

The output of the command 

$ xdvi -sourceposition "2teste.tex" teste.dvi

is correct. teste.dvi raise and line referred is "squared".

The output of the command below is not correct (attention to the blank space):
$ xdvi -sourceposition "2 teste.tex" teste.dvi
Usage : xdvi [+[<page>]] [-regression] [-s <shrink>] [-S <density>] [-nogrey]
        [-gamma <g>] [-install] [-noinstall] [-grid1 <color>] [-grid2 <color>]
        [-grid3 <color>] [-p <pixels>] [-margins <dimen>] [-sidemargin <dimen>]
        [-topmargin <dimen>] [-offsets <dimen>] [-xoffset <dimen>]
        [-yoffset <dimen>] [-paper <papertype>] [-altfont <font>] [-nomakepk]
        [-mfmode <mode-def>] [-editor <editor>] [-not1lib]
        [-sourceposition <linenumber[ ]*filename>] [-l] [-rv] [-expert]
        [-statusline] [-shrinkbutton[1-9] <shrink>] [-mgs[n] <size>]


and teste.dvi not raise.

The second form needs to be supported for the case in which the name of the file referred begin with digits.

This is a bug or am I mistaking in something?

I'm packaging xdvi-search.el, and it depends of the correct support to this feature.

-- System Information
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Kernel Version: Linux marciotex 2.4.18-bf2.4 #1 Son Apr 14 09:53:28 CEST 2002 i586 Pentium 75 - 200 GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

I'm using bash 2.05b-3.

Versions of the packages tetex-bin depends on:
ii  debianutils    1.16.7         Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian
ii  dpkg           1.10.4         Package maintenance system for Debian
ii  ed             0.2-19         The classic unix line editor
ii  libc6          2.2.5-14.3     GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone
ii  libkpathsea3   1.0.7+20011202 shared libkpathsea for teTeX
ii  libpng3        1.2.1-1.1      PNG library - runtime
ii  libstdc++2.10- 2.95.4-11      The GNU stdc++ library
ii  libtiff3g      3.5.5-6        Tag Image File Format library
ii  libxaw7        4.2.1-3        X Athena widget set library
ii  tetex-base     1.0.2+20011202 basic teTeX library files
ii  xlibs          4.2.1-3        X Window System client libraries
ii  zlib1g         1.1.4-6        compression library - runtime
||/ Nome           Versão         Descrição


Marcio Roberto Teixeira

endereço eletrônico: marciotex@pop.com.br
página pessoal (em construção): http://www.marciotex.tk

Usuário "tchê" Debian/GNULinux

Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil

"A vida é como uma boa prova escolar: é curta, com múltiplas escolhas."

O "world" não é o Word. Uso LaTeX: viva o código aberto!

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