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Re: Debian Packaging Handbook project

On Wed, Aug 08, 2007 at 07:26:11AM +0200, Luca Brivio wrote:
> One of the biggest problems we experienced is that the existing documentation, 
> albeit useful and rather rich, is not coherent. I think we need something 
> more homogeneous, backed by an overall design. This would not be 
> yet-another-document to read, instead would substitute many other small 
> (often out-of-date or contradictory) documents about major and minor topics. 
> The idea is that one might maintain packages without having a lot of 
> documents around all the time, just with a big manual which links to other 
> documents only for reference. It seems likely that most of this manual 
> already exists, and could be put together, edited, expanded and integrated 
> with the permissions of its authors, or thanks to its licensing. One of main 
> goals is to have a truly organic documentation.
> I don't know if such a project deserves to be official, however I wish to try 
> to make it work, and see how it might work.

L'idea di un meta manuale semplifica le cose, ma tende anche a
incasinarle ulteriormente perche' comunque bisogna mantenerlo,
unitamente al resto della documentazione, per esempio gli url tendono
a cambiare piuttosto spesso. Inoltre su certe 'risorse' non tutti sono
d'accordo, per esempio la doc sulle shared libs versioning e compagnia
per quanto valido non e' accettato in toto dagli ftpmasters e si rischia
quindi di far passare per ufficiali cose che non lo sono completamente.

Io sono piu' dell'idea di integrare i documenti esistenti e ottenere
il consenso sul merge di informazioni non ancora presenti da altre

Francesco P. Lovergine

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