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Re: firma chiave gpg a Bologna

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 08:59:12PM +0100, giskard wrote:
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> ciao,
> ma se la mia chiave ? firmata da XXX e la chiave di XXX ? firmata da YYY e la chiave di YYY ? firmata da un dd allora l a mia chiave ?
> firmata da un dd? e quindi posso intraprendere la strada per diventare un DD? (tanto mi bocciano al quiz ;D)
no ma dietro bonifico su cc mio personale in una banca alle isole cayman 
si puo' chiudere un occhio  :-) 


While various networks have become deeply rooted, and thoughts have been sent
out as light and electrons in a singular direction, this era has yet to 
digitize/computerize to the degree necessary for individuals to become 
a singular complex entity.
  KOUKAKU KIDOUTAI Stand Alone Complex

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