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Status of pysolfc


I've noticed that pysolfc has stopped working by default¹ in testing,
because of 


(does not start with python 3.10); in the bug it's mentioned that there
is a new upstream package that fixes the issue and runs fine under
python 3.10.

Since this is a pretty critical package for this household :) and the
bug is old enough for the package to have been autoremoved, I tried to
look into it to be able to help, rather than just ping the maintainer; I
cloned the repository from salsa, but I wasn't able to build it because
it Build-Depends on python3-pysol-cards, that I wasn't able to find
anywhere (and removing it the build failed with ``ModuleNotFoundError:
No module named 'pysol_cards'``)

Am I missing something?

CC-ing the latest uploader of the package, let me know if you prefer to
drop the explit CC and the list is enough.

¹ for the time being running python3.9 /usr/games/pysolfc still works,
of course, but it's not a long term solution :)


Elena ``of Valhalla''

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