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UQM (The Ur-Quan Masters) needs help? (bug #999132)

I've noted that package "uqm" ("The Ur-Quan Masters" game from Debian contrib) 
is about to be removed from testing due to

I would like to help so it stays in testing (and make it to new stable). 

I'm not a DD/DM, but have prepared another game to Debian before (ironseed)
with a help from the sponsor. 
The specific issues in #999132 seems to me relatively simple to fix.

What would be the best way to proceed? 
I've offered help in that bug, but so far (several weeks) no response. 

The maintainer seems to OK with LowNMU threshold according to 
https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/uqm, so would someone willing to do 
NMU if I (or someone else, of course) do the packaging/testing work, 
it that is the best way to proceed short term? Or something else?

Note: in the longer term, I'd like to offer more help for that specific game
(sentimental reasons), like fixing some lintian warnings and updating to
newer release. That have been attempted about a decade ago (with patches), 
but haven't got a reponse from maintainer (#640881). 

What would be a respectful way to proceed there; could Debian Games Team
offer support? I would be willing to put work in to help move this forward.

Thanks for your insights!

Opinions above are GNU-copylefted.

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