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Re: supertuxkart in buster-backports

Hi Phil,

Am 20.11.20 um 19:11 schrieb Phil Morrell:
I've been maintaining an unofficial backport for a while and would like
to make it official, especially to make network multiplayer available to
buster users. It builds and works locally for me, so I've uploaded it to
mentors, however there are some issues I'd like some feedback on.


I've reviewed your changes, and I think they're fine for upload. Before I do so, I noticed the GPG key you were using is already present in the Debian Maintainers Keyring. So, I'd like to ask the Debian Games Team (package maintainer) or Reiner (previous uploader), whether they considered granting DM-Upload privileges for that package to Phil. That would enable him to do the upload himself. What do you think?


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