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Re: Would the Games Team adopt Lightyears (pygame based, Python 3 port available)?

Hi Steve,

On Thu, Feb 13, 2020, 14:42 Steve Cotton <steve@octalot.at> wrote:
Hi all in the Games Team,

One of the Debian games affected by the python3 transition is 20000 Lightyears
Into Space, source package name "lightyears". I've ported it to python3-pygame,
and opened an upstream issue for merging it (sadly this doesn't have an
upstream response yet).

The Debian package isn't currently maintained by the Games Team, but one of the
serious bugs is "Maintainer email address not working". I'm wondering if the
Games Team would adopt it and apply my python3 port?

That's a great game, I've played it quite a few times over the years. I'll be happy to sponsor the upload under the Games Team umbrella.

However, have you tried contacting the maintainer and the uploader team to make sure they're ok with transferring the package to the Games Team? I think it makes sense for us to have it but we need to check with them first. If you have already obtained that permission, please forward the email to these lists so that we have it for reference.

Debian bugs:
  #942622 src:lightyears: Maintainer email address not working
  #912488 lightyears: Please migrate to python3-pygame
  #936945 lightyears: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye

Upstream pull request:

The Debian package's "copyright" file cleans up some of the oddities of the
upstream README.md's licensing section, I'm sure it's distributable but expect
it to get some questions if it went through the NEW queue. Oddities such as
attributing an image as "copyright NASA" instead of saying that it's one of
NASA's public domain images. I'm happy to put some effort in to fixing that.

Please do (pending approval to move the package)! Let me know what you need from me (off-lists is fine for coordinating details). 


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