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Re: Looking for a sponsor for the OpenSurge and SurgeScript packages

Am 14.02.20 um 05:45 schrieb Carlos Donizete Froes:
>> d/changelog: New packages should just contain one line in the changelog.
>> Initial release. (Closes: #xxxxxx)
> My first question: This "surgescript"[1] package is in Debian in an earlier version (0.5.4-1). Isn't
> it a problem to leave just that line?
> [1] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/surgescript

My bad. I thought the package was for NEW. Just reverting my commit that
removes the changelog line should be sufficient.

>> At the moment there is only surgescript but shouldn't we split the
>> package into libsurgescript and libsurgescript-dev because it is
>> basically a C library? Currently there is only a static library
>> installed into the package, /usr/lib/libsurgescript.a, and the path
>> seems to be wrong by the way. I think we need a shared library as well.
> I can make a patch to correct the path of this library. Can you tell me which way is right for this
> library?

The multiarch specifier is missing. Usually we use an install file and
the library is installed into the correct directory by using a *
placeholder. Something like that


For instance on amd64 the library should be installed to

> And I am sending our conversation with copies to the upstream (Alexandre Martins) of this software
> to make future improvements.

Thanks. I wonder why there is only a static library. Normally we use
only shared libraries because if there was a security issue in
surgescript we could just patch the shared library instead of fixing the
same problem in many different packages. Although, granted, there is
only one game that depends on surgescript at the moment.

> Wonderful! If it is not a problem for you, but you can change the icon added in the "opensurge" to
> this icon found in the software.[2]
> [2] https://salsa.debian.org/games-team/opensurge/blob/master/src/misc/opensurge.png




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