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Re: Looking for a sponsor for the OpenSurge and SurgeScript packages

Hi Carlos,

Am 08.02.20 um 07:21 schrieb Carlos Donizete Froes:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a sponsor for this new OpenSurge package[1], which is a retro 2D
> platform game inspired by Sonic games.
> You need to have the latest version of the SurgeScript package[2], which is in
> mentors.d.n.
> [1] https://mentors.debian.net/package/opensurge
> [2] https://mentors.debian.net/package/surgescript
> Thanks!

I had a look at opensurge and surgescript and found some things which we
need to fix before it can be uploaded but in general I believe both
packages are suitable for Debian and I would really like to see them in
the archive.


d/control: I believe the section should be games instead of graphics.
d/changelog: New packages should just contain one line in the changelog.
Initial release. (Closes: #xxxxxx)

At the moment there is only surgescript but shouldn't we split the
package into libsurgescript and libsurgescript-dev because it is
basically a C library? Currently there is only a static library
installed into the package, /usr/lib/libsurgescript.a, and the path
seems to be wrong by the way. I think we need a shared library as well.


There are a couple of build-dependencies missing which prevents building
opensurge from source in a clean environment. I have added the missing
allegro5 addons to debian/control already.

When I install both packages, opensurge won't start and it exits with
the error message: "Can't initialize allegro5"

I have uploaded all changes to


So far



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