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Re: serious issues in piano booster 7.1 -- from the original author of the program.

Dear Miriam,

Answers in line below but i wanted to highlight this question:

On Sun, Feb 2, 2020 at 5:47 PM Miriam Ruiz <miriam@debian.org> wrote:
El dom., 2 feb. 2020 a las 11:20, Louis B.
(<louisjbarman@googlemail.com>) escribió:
> Dear Miriam Ruiz,


> Hello I am the original author of piano booster and after many years of neglect wish to continue supporting piano booster as I am coming up to retirement .

I'm happy to hear that. Itś a great program.

> However on testing the current  version of piano booster 7.0 and 7.1 I found many serious issues with it. The most important one to me is that the MIDI input does not work so any notes played on a connected MIDI piano keyboard get ignored. The whole purpose of Piano Booster is to teach the piano and encourage users to learn to read sheet music by turning it into an educational game.
> I cannot bare to think of users trying this out as it cannot work for them.

That sounds strange, as I personally use it with an external midi
keyboard, normally. Maybe there might be an issue with some different
software or hardware combinations?
Here is the reported https://github.com/captnfab/PianoBooster/issues/207 bug.
That is very strange have double checked this problem and even downloaded your source code from here. 
 And the offending line is MidiDevice.cpp line 136 which should be deleted as stops the following line from working as it swallows the the Midi inputs from the piano keyboard.
I know that this is a silly question but you did test it playing along on the piano key board in follow mode. I think have  just worked out what may be happening have you turned down the sound on your keyboard or set your key board to MIDI local off so that you can here the right or wrong sounds controlled by piano booster


> I am busily working on fixes for this which will be in a new release 7.2

I am worried that  piano booster 7.0 and 7.1 will make into the next Ubuntu LTS. Do you know what the time scales are now to get a fixed packaged into Ubuntu LTS?? (Sorry I know I am should not really ask you that question).

I am currently reverting a few changes in 7.0 to reduce the number of build options and dependence. I would like to confirm these with your  Team before I do the release. I particularly want to make the use of Jack optional and not force the users to use jack which has a difficult learning curve for new users.
> So I just wanted to make contact with you as you are shown as the maintainer for PianoBooster for Debian and I hope that you will be able to help me getting a new release? Is there any way to fast track a new release 7.2 when it is ready?

Just ping me and I will try to make it as fast as I can. I'm adding
the Debian Games Team in Cc, as the game is team maintained and I'm
sure they might be also interested.

> Also do you please have a policy on translated languages for Debian as Piano-booster has 97 translated languages the vast majority of the translations  are less than 50% completed.

We could probably ping and ask for help in some of the Debian i18n
mailing lists, and hopefully some people might want to help.
 The translations can wait until l am a bit further allong.
> Thank you
> Louis

Thanks to you,


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