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Re: Repository of plee-the-bear

Am 03.08.19 um 13:16 schrieb Simon McVittie:
> On Sat, 03 Aug 2019 at 10:05:23 +0200, Bruno Kleinert wrote:
>> I wanted to update plee-the-bear for wxWidget/GTK3 but can't find it on salsa -
>> did it move somewhere else or isn't it migrated to salsa, yet?
> I don't see it there either. It doesn't seem to have been touched since
> Markus Koschany's team upload 2 years ago, at which point it was still
> maintained in svn on Alioth.
> When we imported packages from Alioth git to Salsa git, I don't think we
> did anything about older packages that were still in svn, most of which
> I suspect were de facto unmaintained?
> I'm trying to import its history now, using alioth-archive for the debian
> directory and snapshots.debian.org for the upstream source code. If I
> can get the svn history converted, I might as well process the rest of
> the code-drop from svn and import any others that are missing from Salsa.

I converted a lot of the old SVN repositories to Git but not all of them
in time when we moved to salsa. I guess it is also OK to just use gbp
import-dsc to import all versions since Jessie. Don't bother with the
old history. It was preserved but there is nothing that prevents us from
starting fresh. And yes, most of those old SVN packages are basically
unmaintained. Fortunately they don't require much maintenance but new
maintainers are always welcome.



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