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Re: Repository of plee-the-bear

On Sat, 03 Aug 2019 at 10:05:23 +0200, Bruno Kleinert wrote:
> I wanted to update plee-the-bear for wxWidget/GTK3 but can't find it on salsa -
> did it move somewhere else or isn't it migrated to salsa, yet?

I don't see it there either. It doesn't seem to have been touched since
Markus Koschany's team upload 2 years ago, at which point it was still
maintained in svn on Alioth.

When we imported packages from Alioth git to Salsa git, I don't think we
did anything about older packages that were still in svn, most of which
I suspect were de facto unmaintained?

I'm trying to import its history now, using alioth-archive for the debian
directory and snapshots.debian.org for the upstream source code. If I
can get the svn history converted, I might as well process the rest of
the code-drop from svn and import any others that are missing from Salsa.


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