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Re: Fwd: Sponsor my 'Pekka Kana 2' package

Hi Markus,

> I had a look at your package and there are some issues that have to be
> clarified before it can be uploaded.
> First of all in this case I don't mind that you have created a fork of
> the game and cleaned up the code base because the original code was
> developed in 2003 and doesn't look maintained anymore. However there was
> the port to SDL in 2010 and finally to SDL2 by other contributors and I
> wonder why you didn't just base your packaging on this version:
> https://github.com/danilolc/pk2

It was based on the original source code of the upstream, was not copied by other
contributors but was inspired by the idea of upgrading to SDL2 for GNU/Linux based
distributions. But even so, I did not fail to mention the authors.

> There was recent activity only a month ago and maybe the author is
> interested in incorporating all your changes?

The purpose of this project is to work only for distributions based on GNU/Linux, leaving
the source code as clean as possible.

> It is unfortunate that the level editor was removed. Could you explain
> why this was necessary?

The level editor is a separate add-on that will work on QT5 for future releases.

> My greatest concern is the current licensing though. The original
> license is in src/license.txt
> "This package contains the source codes for the game Pekka Kana 2,
> written by Janne Kivilahti.
> The game and it's (sic) code are copyrighted by Janne Kivilahti, but you
> can modify and use the code freely
> as long as the original author is mentioned."
> This should be the main license in debian/copyright that covers all the
> code. You can't just claim that all code is licensed under BSD-2-clause
> although the licenses show some similarities. Of course you can claim
> copyright for the debian directory or the manpage and desktop file which
> you wrote yourself. But you can claim copyright only for work that
> surpasses a certain threshold of originality and I'm not sure if this is
> true for all the original source files which you modified in part.

I understood, I will make a new version of the project, removing these licenses in the
source codes.

> I think pk2 is too short for a binary package name. At least this name
> wouldn't ring a bell for me. Could be anything. What about renaming the
> package simply to pekkakana2?

You're absolutely right, I changed the name to "pekka-kana-2".

> pk2 depends on g++. That should not be necessary.

Sorry, I added it for some reason when I was compiling into armel architecture. I'll be
removing it from d/control.


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